Frequently asked questions by our residents

Is this considered on-campus living?

No, however, we do run and manage STA Newman Hall similarly to on-campus housing.

Are the rules here different than on-campus housing?

 We use many of the same guidelines as the on-campus halls at TAMUK. We do have quiet hours (which mirror those of on-campus), we are a dry community – no alcohol, we do not allow overnight guests, and we have a visiting hour’s policy. We do not have a curfew but we will lock the doors at night so that access can only be made by using your resident key fob.

Are freshman allowed to live at STA Newman Hall?

Yes. Up to 75 freshmen for the 2013-2014 academic year may live at STA Newman Hall in lieu of living on-campus. Please click here for more information.

Will I be required to have a meal plan?

 Yes, all Newman Hall residents are required to have a meal plan. Please click here for more information.

Do I have to be Catholic to live here?

Absolutely Not! We want everyone who wants to live here to have the opportunity to do so.

Will I have to attend events at St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center like mass, prayer hours or bible studies?

 No, we do however encourage you to take advantage of the resources the Catholic Campus Ministry team has to offer, but it is not mandatory. They are simply there for you if and when you are in need.

How do I contact STA Newman Hall Leasing?

 Please contact us by email at or call at (866) 982. 0395.

Where is STA Newman Hall located?

STA Newman Hall is located on the corner of Corral St and Retama Drive, right across from the University’s Intramural Field.

Is there parking available?

 Yes, in Lot K on the TAMUK campus. Parking permits will be available from the University Police Department. Please click here for more information.

What floor plans do you offer?

Newman Hall has two different floor plans available.

Two Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom single occupancy

Two Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom double occupancy (2 students per bedroom)

Please <a href=”/floor-plans”>click here</a> to view floor plans

Where is the leasing office located and what our your hours?

 The leasing office is located at 1482 N. Seale Ave, our hours are currently Mon-Fri from 8AM-8PM and Sat-Sun from 10AM-2PM.

Do your apartments come furnished?

 Yes. Apartments are fully furnished. The furniture includes a bed, desk, chair, dresser and sofa.

What does rent include?

 Rent includes all the utilities – electricity, basic cable, Internet and Wi-Fi.

How long is my lease?

Leases are for the academic year.

What makes me eligible to be a resident at STA Newman Hall?

 Any student attending Texas A&M University Kingsville or any surrounding college or university may live at Newman Hall.

Can I use my financial aid to pay rent?

 Yes. Your financial can be used to cover the cost of living at STA Newman Hall. It will not be taken out of your account automatically. You will receive a refund from the University that will be used to pay your rent. Should your aid be insufficient to cover the contract amount of the rent, monthly payments will be due to make up the difference.

What is the process to match roommates?

 We will use all the information that you put on your application in order to match you with the appropriate roommate. We match according to gender, major, living, and study habits. You may also request a roommate by name. All roommates must request each other to ensure proper placement. You may also request a roommate by using <a href=””>room sync</a> through facebook.

What is an individual lease?

An individual lease is a “per bed” lease. You sign for a room in the apartment and you share the common area with your roommates. You are not financially responsible for each other.

Do you allow subleasing?

 We do allow subleasing or reassignment. For specific information, please call or come by the office anytime and we will be happy to provide you with details.

When do I move in?

The move-in date for Fall 2015 has not been set yet.

How do I apply for an apartment?

 Using our online portal, you can complete the entire leasing process. Select “Apply Now” at the top, and you can fill out and submit your application, your guarantor’s application, your roommate preferences form. Finally, you can even fill out the lease for your new apartment. You may also come by our leasing office. You may also come by our leasing office. <a href=”/apply”>click here</a> to Apply Now.

What size linens should I bring?

All beds in STA Newman Hall are EXTENDED SINGLE BEDS.